By This Time Tomorrow

By This Time Tomorrow

Would you risk your future to change your past?

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About the Book

Jessica Bay has it all – and it’s all too much. Between moody teenagers, a hectic job and a husband who can recall that the last time they slept together was 632 days ago but somehow can’t remember to put the bins out, Jess is close to breaking point.

Desperate for change, she moves the family to a tiny island in the English Channel. An island that has a secret: it can take you back in time to relive any day in your past. To have another go at doing it right.

But as Jess becomes dizzy with the fact that she can, she forgets to consider if she should. Because changing even one moment in your past will change your whole future in unknowable ways. How much of her supposedly imperfect life is Jess willing to gamble? And will she realise the risks before she loses everything?

Genres: Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Time Travel, Women's Fiction
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Audio book, Ebook & Paperback
Length: 368
ISBN: 9781529353716
List Price: £7.99
eBook Price: £2.99
Audiobook Price: £17.49