About Me



After studying for a PhD in Lesbian Literature of the Fin de Siecle (a fancy title that describes three years reading the letters and diaries of dead lesbian writers that lived 120 years ago) I decided to shun a future in academics for writing the listings pages in my local magazine in Bristol, and taking on any dubious assignment the editor threw my way. Fast forward fifteen years and a twelve year stint in Dubai, living the desert dream, I’m now in Rome, living la dolce vita.

I have been the editor of Commercial Interior DesignEmirates Home and Inside Out magazine for Gulf News and I have published a coffee table book called Design in Dubai about the fabulously decadent commercial interior design to be found in the UAE. Since the birth of my third baby, I have become a freelance journalist and interiors stylist, spending my days sighing wistfully over the homes of the rich and richer. Well, somebody’s got to do it!

I also write columns and features for different lifestyle publications, and am a regular contributor to Architectural Digest Middle East, Aquarius and Inside Out – you can find samples of my work under the columns, styling and features sections.

This year I’ve ticked an item off my bucket list and realised my dream of writing my first novel, Me, You & Tiramisu, published by Harper Impulse, and my second book, Crazy Little Thing Called Love is out on September 7th!

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