Hi, I’m Charlotte Butterfield. Journalist, copywriter, stylist, author and lover of words based in Rome. I’ve created this site to showcase some of my work – from lighthearted parenting columns, to interiors shoots for design magazines and lifestyle features.

My debut novel, Me You & Tiramisu published by Harper Impulse came out at the end of February 2017. It’s been the result of a decade of procrastinating and a year of actually doing.  As a journalist, people assume that words are ever ready to fly out of my fingertips straight onto a keyboard, but as I very quickly realised, there’s a world of difference between writing what a magazine wants you to and creating characters and a plot people want to read about. It’s been an absolute joy to finish, and publish, and my next book Crazy Little Thing Called Love is out on September 7th!



4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Just finished you me & tiramisu, loved every minute of it, great holiday read, actually made me cry at the end, (happy cry), looking forward to the next one, best wishes………Judi Howells.

  2. Hi ,

    Congrats for your book me , you and tiramisu. I grabbed it yesterday when I came for montagrappa prize event . Just read few chapters.it is such a light hearted and has a pleasent warmth.your speech on your journey from a copywriter to a novelist was inspiring.though I didn’t win any prize . I took back home ‘hope’ . Keep inspiring amateur writer like me ….

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